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Motor Mole Chaser

technical specifications:

height: 415mm (16 in)
stick diameter: 40mm (1.6 in)
cap diameter: 80mm (3.2 in)
weight: 400g (14 oz, excl. batteries)
power supply: 4x 1.5V Mono D LR20 batteries
range: ca. 1500m² (16146 ft², 0.37 ac)

mode of operation:

Protects your soil by emitting waves in the motor sound range. Keeps burrowing animals out of your garden.

Our device emits motor sound waves in constant intervals, which signals danger to most underground rodents. Moles and voles, having an acute sense of hearing, will get repelled in a range of 1500m² (16146 ft², 0.37 ac).

Place the device at the site of the worst mole infestation. We suggest that you use multiple devices in larger areas.

For the installation manual, please visit the downloads section.