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Duo Pro Pest Repeller

technical specifications:

measurements: 119 x 98 x 98 mm
phase distance: changing continuously
current consumption: max. 1,5W
range: ca. 470m² (562 yd²)
frequency: 25 - 65kHz
sound output: max. 135dB
power supply modes: 9V, or 230V PSU (power supply unit)

mode of operation:

Our device emits ultrasonic waves in a range of 25 to 65kHz that are inaudible for humans and most domestic animals to efficiently repell mice, rats, dormice, martens, insect and many other pests from your house, warehouse, store or carhouse. The ultrasonics strain the ears and neural system of these animals and cause a strong feeling of discomfort.
Interior use only. Protect the device from water!

The device's frequency change function increases the impact and prevents familiarization of the animal to the noise. Having an emission angle of approx. 260°, the device can cover an area of up to 470m² (562 yd²) in unobstructed rooms. There is no interference with other electronic devices. This device provides you with an animal-friendly solution for effectively repelling pests.

For the installation manual, please visit the downloads section.