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Marderschock S 2000/30

technical specifications:

operating voltage: 12 V
current consumption (normal operation): Ø 11 mA
current consumption with MS2100/10: additionally 8 mA
current consumption (power saving mode): Ø 6 mA
sound frequency: sweep 16 to 50 kHz
sound output: 112 - 115 dB - depending on battery quality
max. ambient temperature: -40 to +80° C (-40 to 176° F)

A small and compact device, spray water resistant and easy to mount. You can upgrade this device with our sound transducer add-on ( S 2100/10 ).

Mode of operation:

Our devices emit ultrasonic waves with a frequency range of 16 to 50 kHz (sweep), which are inaudible for human ears but very unpleasant for martens. Observations have revealed that martens avoid rooms or places that are exposed to a sound pressure of more than 100 dB in their ultrasonic hearing range.

Our brand new micro controller based flash light provides an additional repelling factor against martens. If the battery level drops, the device switches to power saving mode first and finally to stand by mode to protect the battery's remaining capacity so that the engine can still be started.