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Marderschock S 2540

technical specifications:

operating voltage: 12 V
power consumption (normal operation):Ø 8 mA
power consumption (power saving mode): Ø 2 mA
voltage output: bis 1500 V
max. ambient temperature: -40 to +80° C

Additional features

protection against deep discharge
CAN-Bus ready
dazzling glare to repel martens
concussion sensor controlled on/off

Mode of operation:

Our device uses the pasture fence method to create electric shocks up to a voltage of 1500 V when the engine is switched off. If a marten touches the live wire, it gets shocked and repelled. The animal's life is not threatened.

functional principle:

The device is switched on and off by a concussion sensor. It deactivates 1-3 minutes after the engine as been turned on, and activates 1-3 minutes after the motor has been turned off. Activation and deactivation are indicated visually:

green LED: 3 x flash: Battery level good. Device fully operational

green LED: 2 x flash Battery level is low.
Device is fully operational but will emit a warning sound every 60 minutes.

green LED: 1 x flash Battery level is very low.
Device activates standby mode to prevent deep discharge.

The battery level is checked every 2 minutes and is indicated through flashes of the green LED.

For the installation manual, please visit the downloads section.