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Marderschock S 2720

technical specifications:

operating voltage: 12 V
power consumption (normal operation): Ø 16 mA
power consumption (standby mode): Ø 2 mA
voltage output: up to 1500 V
sound output: above 100 dB (depending on battery quality)
max. ambient temperature: -40 to +80° C (-40 to 176° F)

Additional features

protection against deep discharge
CAN-Bus ready
dazzling glare to repell martens
concussion sensor controlled on/off
upgrade with our Sound transducer S 2100/10 for optimal protection

Mode of operation:

Our device emits ultrasound in a range of 20 – 50 kHz, causing the marten to panic and flee. The sound is inaudible for human ears. The dazzling glare of our flash light provides an additional repelling factor against martens.

Additionally our device is using the pasture fence method to create electric shocks up to a voltage of 1500 V. If the marten touches the live wire, it gets shocked and repelled. The animal's life is not in danger.

Human contact with the life wire is unpleasant but harmless, except for people wearing a cardiac pacemaker. Attention is strongly advised after activating the device.

Functional principle:

The device is switched on and off by a concussion sensor. It deactivates 1-3 minutes after the engine as been turned on, and activates 1-3 minutes after the motor has been turned off. Activation and deactivation are indicated accoustically and visually:

green LED: 3 x flash and 3 x beep: Battery level good. Device fully operational

green LED: 2 x flash and 2 x beep: Battery level is low.
Device is fully operational but will emit a warning sound every 60 minutes.

green LED: 1 x flash and 1 x beep: Battery level is very low.
Device activates standby mode to prevent deep discharge.

The battery level is checked every 2 minutes and is indicated through flashes of the green LED.

For the installation manual, please visit the downloads section.