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Marderschock S 2730

Ultrasound device with electric shock and flashlight, deep discharge protection and waterproof connector. Independent from the CAN bus.


Connect the device to your battery.

Mode of operation:

The device emits ultrasound waves in a range of 20 - 50 kHz and a sound pressure of more than 100 dB. Additionally, the device comes with an electric shock function for which you will have to install contact plates with either blank or covered wires. If a marten touches the plates or the wires, it receives a very unpleasant electric shock. The devices glaring flashlight also scares the marten away.

Function principle:

A concussion sensor controls activation and deactivation.


2 years

Additional warranty:

We will reimburse up to 50 € and replace your device if a marten damages your vehicle within the first year of installation. We only require that the installation of our device was performed by a professional and the engine has been cleaned during the installation process.